Commercial License: Summer Sale

Summer Sale!

I’ve never discounted my commercial licenses before.  But for one week only- from now through the end of June 2011- you can get a discount on commercial licensing of my fonts.

Buy 4, get 1 free: 5 fonts for $20.  (This could be repeated as necessary- i.e. buy 8, get 2 free…)


Buy them ALL.  I offer a discounted license of $199 for all of my fonts made- including all future fonts.  This is a ridiculous deal already, considering that I have 113 current fonts and release new ones often.   For ONE week only this will be discounted to $175.  I have never offered a discount before and I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever do that again.


Note- The button was fixed so it no longer charges shipping! Oops! I refunded those who were charged shipping for the shipping fee! OBVIOUSLY there is no shipping needed!

Thanks so much for your support! I love what I do & love sharing it with others! Thanks for giving back so I can keep doing what I do!