Repurposed Birchboxes and Thanksgiving Wreaths

I’m always looking for crafts my kids can do fairly independently.  They are 9 and almost-11 and they are fairly crafty and can hold their own with basic tasks like cutting cardstock to certain dimensions and using adhesives properly.

Friday, I had a Craft Day with my daughters and we spent time working on some holiday crafts.  It was our version of a fall break from homeschooling.

I’m not good at following recipes to the letter- and the same goes for craft projects.   I start with an idea and it evolves into something different.

We started with some Pinspiration:

Pinterest Tree

This pin was an unsourced image- I haven’t found the original location of it.  It was quickly altered into a new idea.

I have loads of Birchbox boxes– both tops and bottoms- that are just sitting here taking up space.  They are fantastic boxes and I knew they had a purpose!

I had the girls cut strips of paper in varying widths (each piece was 1 cm taller than the layer below it).  They modpodged paper onto the boxes (the lids are just a tinch bigger than 5×7 and the bottoms are 5×7) and then modpodged the trees on.  LOVE the results!

Birchbox Trees

After we finished this, the girls wanted to do something with the bottoms of those boxes.

They took a 5×7 sheet of cardstock and modpodged strips of paper to the sheet.  When they were finished, we cut out a pumpkin shape and a pumpkin stem, an apple shape and an apple stem and leaf and modpodged those onto the lid bottoms.

I think they both turned out really cute!  The girls loved that they could do these crafts independently with minimal help.

Birchbox Pumpkins


The wreath in the background of that image, we made using strips of fabric tied in bows around a wreath base.

I was really really wanting to do a wreath like this pin I had seen on Pinterest (click the image to visit the tutorial on the original blog):

Pinterest Ribbon Wreath

Unfortunately we did not have any ribbon like that.

So we made do with what we already had on hand and used some old Stampin’ Up! fabric.  We made a snip every inch and a half along the short side of the fat quarter and tore the fabric vertically into long strips.  We tied the fabric onto a wood wreath base (flat wood).

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Thanksgiving Wreath

I still need a wreath holder, as my daughter’s hand is just a temporary fix ;).

I’ve just ordered this!!

Silhouette Cameo!!

And I can’t wait to get going with that.  I intend to share some of my creations and the correlating Silhouette Studio files for all of you here!