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Free Printable Scripture Art Encouragement

Maybe you’re like me?  You’re short-tempered?  Easily angered?  Smug?  Overly self-righteous?

If so, maybe this artwork is something you can print and put up somewhere in your home.

It’s sized at 13×19 because that’s what I needed.  You should be able to print it at most standard sizes (8×10, 4×6, whatever) without issue.

Click the image to link to the download from Dropbox.

Free Printable


Sitting is the New Smoking (Work At Home Real Talk)

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed any topics relating to working from home.  This one has been on my mind and I haven’t been able to address it because it was such a big issue and I didn’t know what to do about it.


Around Christmas time, I got a Fitbit. I realized very quickly that I had an issue. I was active- in spurts. We would go to the beach and I’d get 19,000 steps in a day. And then I’d go home. And my commute is a single flight of stairs to my home office. And then I sit for 3 hours. Workout. Sit for 5 more hours. The workout isn’t enough. Articles like this one and this one and this one all point to SITTING being just as bad on our bodies as smoking.  Even for those who workout intensely on a daily basis, sitting is no good.

I’m not alone here. I’ve talked to several work at home friends and we’re all struggling. My husband realized from his Fitbit that he gets 7-9,000 steps a day just from walking around his classroom. He’s up and moving all day.  I’m not.  I sit at my desk- answering emails, designing, and doing all the daily things that I need to do on my computer.

After increasing frustration, I realized that I had to find a way to make my job active.  I didn’t want something that was going to take me -away- from working like adding another workout period.  My goal was to make the sitting time NOT sitting time.


Last week, I hit a breaking point and ordered the treadmill desk you see above.

Now, I don’t expect to be able to design while walking.  I may have to stand still or even sit at my regular desk.   But if I can use this to work through a few hours of email, it’s better than sitting for those few hours.

We are not made to sit.  Our bodies are just not intended to sit there all day long.  I hate the way I feel after hours at the desk.  I’m hoping this will help.

To be clear, this is not about cardio.  This is not about “working out”.  This is about moving (however slowly- moving!) while working.

Do you work at home?  In an office where you sit all day?  How do you deal with this?  Do you have a standing or walking desk?

If you have a treadmill desk, are you able to keep working as you are walking?

I’ll report back in a month or two with an update.


New: KG I And Love And You, KG Flavor and Frames Six, KG All of Me, KG Corner of the Sky

Whew! I had major major website troubles that culminated in me accidentally deleting my entire website.

When it was fixed, apparently ALL of my old posts were sent out as new. SORRY! I was not trying to spam everyone!

All of that aside, I’ve been creating but not posting here! So here’s a slew of new stuff! :)

Conversation Hearts? Valentine’s Day? That might be sooooo 2 weeks ago, but here you go- get a head start for next year!


Chalkboard art? Yes! I’m obsessed! Grab some chalkboard arty love!



A chubbier, even more kid-friendly teacher font than KG Lego House?  Yes, needed that too!


And rough, eroded, distressed capital letters? Yes, I always need that too!


Click any image to see that font on Fontspace.

Have a great day!

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Sunshine Photo Actions


I took my daughters’ photos for our family Christmas card.  My poor DSLR has been shelved for the last several months.  I use my iPhone5′s camera almost everywhere we go– photos of food, family, friends, and fun.

But I have this really nice camera with lots of lenses.  Just sitting there.

So I pulled it out and used it again.  I used to be a photography teacher at one point!  I owe it to myself to at least use it once a month!

I ended up begging my friend Charla (a local friend and fellow homeschooling mom) at CharmBox Studios for help.  All of my backlit photos had grey skintones.  My girls are pale, but not grey!

This is the original photo, straight out of the camera (SOOC).


I had edited it (levels, curves, unsharp mask, and hue/sat) and was really unhappy with the results.  Charla recommended I try her Sunshine actions.  I used Evening Sun.

If you’ve never used an action before, it is SUPER simple!  Just unzip the action and load it up in your Photoshop Actions palette.  (there are LOADS of tutorials on YouTube if you need help with that!)

Click a button.  Adjust the layers if desired or leave it as-is.  PERFECTION.

If you are looking for a great action, I am now in love with these Sunshine actions!

I used Kissed by the Sun on this photo of my younger daughter:

I actually think this one is my favorite of the actions!  It adds a great Florida glow to that photo!


And Evening Sun again on this pic of my girls together:

If you’d like to try an action of Charla’s for free, she has one you can try here–> Our Life Action.

Note: I’m just a happy fan of Charla’s and a proud mom who loves to show off her babies.  I wasn’t paid to share Charla’s work. I just like it a lot! :)

Repurposed Birchboxes and Thanksgiving Wreaths

I’m always looking for crafts my kids can do fairly independently.  They are 9 and almost-11 and they are fairly crafty and can hold their own with basic tasks like cutting cardstock to certain dimensions and using adhesives properly.

Friday, I had a Craft Day with my daughters and we spent time working on some holiday crafts.  It was our version of a fall break from homeschooling.

I’m not good at following recipes to the letter- and the same goes for craft projects.   I start with an idea and it evolves into something different.

We started with some Pinspiration:

Pinterest Tree

This pin was an unsourced image- I haven’t found the original location of it.  It was quickly altered into a new idea.

I have loads of Birchbox boxes- both tops and bottoms- that are just sitting here taking up space.  They are fantastic boxes and I knew they had a purpose!

I had the girls cut strips of paper in varying widths (each piece was 1 cm taller than the layer below it).  They modpodged paper onto the boxes (the lids are just a tinch bigger than 5×7 and the bottoms are 5×7) and then modpodged the trees on.  LOVE the results!

Birchbox Trees

After we finished this, the girls wanted to do something with the bottoms of those boxes.

They took a 5×7 sheet of cardstock and modpodged strips of paper to the sheet.  When they were finished, we cut out a pumpkin shape and a pumpkin stem, an apple shape and an apple stem and leaf and modpodged those onto the lid bottoms.

I think they both turned out really cute!  The girls loved that they could do these crafts independently with minimal help.

Birchbox Pumpkins


The wreath in the background of that image, we made using strips of fabric tied in bows around a wreath base.

I was really really wanting to do a wreath like this pin I had seen on Pinterest (click the image to visit the tutorial on the original blog):

Pinterest Ribbon Wreath

Unfortunately we did not have any ribbon like that.

So we made do with what we already had on hand and used some old Stampin’ Up! fabric.  We made a snip every inch and a half along the short side of the fat quarter and tore the fabric vertically into long strips.  We tied the fabric onto a wood wreath base (flat wood).

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Thanksgiving Wreath

I still need a wreath holder, as my daughter’s hand is just a temporary fix ;) .

I’ve just ordered this!!

Silhouette Cameo!!

And I can’t wait to get going with that.  I intend to share some of my creations and the correlating Silhouette Studio files for all of you here!


NEW: KG Melonheadz Font

This darling kid-friendly option is whimsical and fun!  I created it in collaboration with Nikki at Melonheadz Illustrating.  She is very talented and I hope you will check her out at her Etsy Store where she sells her adorable clip art.



Click the image to download this font from Fontspace.

Have a great day!

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A PhotoCard Giveaway!


I’m excited to be giving away 5 sets of 20 PhotoCard credits- sending a postcard costs 2 credits in the United States, so that means each winner can send 10 postcards to US recipients.

In order to enter this giveaway, you will need to visit my Facebook page to add how YOU would use PhotoCard.  5 winners will be chosen on Friday, September 20th.

PhotoCard: A Tutorial



My brother got married last weekend. It was a beautiful day- 70′s and sunny- perfect for an outdoor wedding.

It was a perfectly timed weddding, too. Not just because it was on my mom’s birthday, but because I really wanted some great photos to use with a new app that I am excited about!

This app was created by Bill Atkinson, who was one of the original programmers working on MacPaint, QuickDraw, and other old school Mac programs. He invented the marching ants, y’all!  You know, the moving things when you’re making a selection in Photoshop?  Yeah, he invented those.


With Bill’s long history of programming expertise, it is no surprise that he’s managed to create a delightful, fun app!

The app is called PhotoCard and is available (FREE) for iOS devices now.  Get it here.

NOTE: You need to upgrade to iOS7 in order to get the most recent version of the app that includes my fonts.

The app works by combining several of my favorite loves- high quality photos, cute fonts (56 Kimberly Geswein fonts included in the app!), and real mail!

You use YOUR photos and MY fonts to create unique, personalized postcards.  You can opt to send the postcards digitally (free) or through USPS mail.   If you opt for USPS mail (which I highly recommend), the postcard is printed at insanely high quality at 8.25*5.5, laminated (both front and back are glossy and smooth!), and shipped for under $2.  Seriously.  If you buy 2 credits (enough to mail one card) your cost is $1.90.  If you buy larger quantities of credits, your cost decreases– you can send 100 cards for $1.50 each.

Sending cards to countries other than the US?  That costs 3 credits- or anywhere from $2.85 to $2.25 depending on the quantity of credits you purchased.

I took this photo to show you the size– the $1 bill is tiny in comparison to these photos– they are about the size of a standard sheet of letter sized paper folded in half.


I love vacations and I LOVE taking photos.  I am good about Instagramming and Facebooking.  But my grandma doesn’t use Instagram.  My dad prefers a real photo in his hands.  And as good as my intentions might be, I am far too lazy to actually put a stamp on a postcard and get something in the mail.

This makes it almost TOO easy to send a postcard!

Add the photo of your choice (or create a collage in your favorite collage app if you want!- I use PicStitch quite often).  I created the collage above using Picstitch and set the aspect to 5×7, which gives you really close to the right size to fit the PhotoCard app.  You can see that only the very edges of the picture are clipped if you use a 5×7 aspect.

 2013-09-18 15.41.15


*NOTE* You don’t have to do that step- you can just use a photo the way it is– I just wanted a collage for my purposes.

Add text over the photo if desired.  Add a greeting to the back, pick your favorite font for the greeting.

2013-09-18 15.35.15

2013-09-18 15.34.57

2013-09-18 15.34.49

If you click the large blue A in the right corner, you can easily slide to adjust spacing between lines.  This is an excellent well-thought-out feature and I really appreciate that it was included.

The app remembers your most recently used fonts, allows you to click the first letter in the font name on the right side for easy picking, and has a sliding bar for font size.  It is VERY user friendly.

When you are finished, pick a stamp and address the card.  I have all of my family members’ addresses in my phone, so this is super simple.

2013-09-18 15.35.53

I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers spread across 4 states (Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, and Texas) and I live in Florida.   PhotoCard is going to help bridge the gap between our families.  My siblings and I use Facebook, but an actual postcard in the mail will help my kids and their cousins (13 of them spanning from age 3 to 13) stay connected.

And before my brother returns from his Hawaii honeymoon, he will have this postcard waiting at his home in Arizona.


The app is free and the only cost to you is mailing the postcard- the fee for printing/mailing/handling is between $1.50 and $1.90 a postcard depending on how many credits you buy at one time.  It’s a ridiculously low price for the quality of prints!

KG A Little Swag, KG Royals, KG Wake Me Up

Click the image to download this font from Fontspace.

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