Commercial Use

I have a generous commercial use policy.

For personal usage, you don’t need to pay.  Personal use includes making a baby shower invitation for yourself or your family member.  If you sell the baby shower invitation, it is no longer personal use.   High school yearbooks are also considered personal use.  Commercial use is generally any use by a business or individual that generates profit.  This includes but is not limited to logos, advertisements, websites, income-generating blogs, and product labels.

Paying a one-time US$5 commercial license fee gives you unlimited usage of this font for your t-shirts, advertisements, websites, etc.

This license is per user and intended for small businesses, so if you are a large company needing a license for many users, please contact me (leave a note here and it will be emailed to me- comments are never made public– you will see it and I will see it and no one else will see it!).

I also offer a one-time $249 commercial license fee that gives you unlimited usage of all of my fonts.

Apps?  Embroidery Fonts? Redistribution?  Please contact me to determine an appropriate rate. You may not rename my fonts or redistribute them without my permission.

If you desire to use my fonts as a webfont (or for an alternative payment method), you may purchase them via Fontspring or MyFonts.

For FAQ, see >here<.




Buy A Commercial Font License (for one font: $5). Note: You can change the quantity as you check-out if you need multiple licenses.


Buy An All Fonts License (for all fonts: $249).

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