Font Licensing FAQ

What counts as commercial use?


Personal use is free.  What’s personal use?

A baby shower invite for yourself or a friend.  (If you sell the invite, it is no longer personal use.)

High school yearbooks and newspapers.

Classroom use.  (Note: If you sell your products on a website like TpT, it is commercial, not personal use.  All TpT products require a license- both free and paid items.)

Embroidering a gift for a friend.

A letter to grandma.

Personal use is basically any use in which you do not profit, directly or indirectly, from the use of the font.  Ask yourself, “Do I make money from this in any way?” and if the answer is yes, it is no longer personal use.


Commercial use is generally any use by a business or individual that generates profit.  This includes but is not limited to logos, advertisements, websites, income-generating blogs, and product labels.

A general license ($5 per designer per font) allows the following usages:

You may:

Use the font for one user on multiple computers/devices.

Sell products using the font on the product (t-shirts, mugs, TpT products, etc…)

Embed the font into an editable teaching product.

Use the font in a logo, graphic, or other advertisement.

Use the font in a digital scrapbooking product that is sold for personal use.

Use the font in a rubber stamp or digital stamp. (Note: You may create alphas but you must do something to the letters- you can’t just save them as png- you must create something using the letters first- for example, saving the letter a typed in black is not acceptable.  Making the letter a chevron and putting it on digital chipboard before saving it is fine.)

Create and sell word art for usage on Silhouette or other vinyl/paper cutting devices.  (Note: You may NOT create alphabets and sell them this way, as this would be creating a derivative of the font itself and selling it.)

You may NOT:

Claim the font is your own work.

Redistribute or sell the font in any way.

Use the font in a customer-interactive product without purchasing a higher-use license. (For example, a photo-editing website that allows for customers to use the font on photos.)

Create a font derived from the font (including Android, iOS, Embroidery, etc…)

Use the font in an app.

Use the font as an embedded webfont. (Please license from Fontspring for webfonts.  Note- my oldest fonts are not available on Fontspring.  For those fonts, you may purchase a standard license from me and use the handy tools at FontSquirrel to convert to a webfont.)

Embed the font in an editable product that is sold for commercial use (CU4CU).

How much does a commercial license cost?

A commercial license is $5.  You can purchase them here on my website or at Fontspring.  The commercial license covers ONE user for ONE font.

Apps?  Embroidery Fonts?  

For apps, see this page.  For embroidery, see this page.  If you desire to use my fonts as a webfont (or for an alternative payment method), you may purchase them via Fontspring.

Do you offer discounts for more than one license?

Yes!  If you want to purchase ALL of my fonts (now and forever, all fonts I will ever make- currently 340+ fonts) for commercial use, you can pay an extremely discounted rate of $299.  If you’re planning to use a lot of fonts, this deal is unbeatable!

Do I need to buy a license for each user?

Yes, I request that you buy a license for each user.  If you are a large company buying for 50 users, that would be $250 for one font.  I am willing to give discounts for large purchases of more than 10 users- leave a comment or email me with your offer and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  If you are a small company and you truly can’t afford to buy more than one license- just buy one.  I understand the reality of finances for small business owners and I want to work with you.

Do I get something (physical, tangible) when I purchase a font license?

Your Paypal receipt serves as your proof of purchase.  In order for me to provide a physical license or offer an invoice for each purchase made, I’d need to increase my prices.  If you need a proper invoice as a European customer, I recommend purchasing from Fontspring.  If you purchase the all fonts license, I do send a few things for your records.

Do I get a special download link or something when I purchase a font?

All of my fonts are free to download.  You can download them from Dafont or Fontspace for free.  The only thing you are doing when you buy a commercial license is paying me for the right to use the font for your business.  I have always believed in offering the full version of the font to both paying customers and personal users.  I know I hate when I download a font and realize the free version is missing crucial parts that make it impossible to use.   Because of this, it has been my philosophy to offer to the full version on free websites.

I want to buy all of your fonts and I can’t afford the $299 license.

I can work with you.  Some customers have made 10 payments of $30/month until they were able to pay for the entire $299.  Some have made $50/month or $50/quarter payments.

Are you going to hunt me down if I don’t pay you?

Probably not.  Life is too short for that.  If you think my font is worth $5, please do pay.  It’s that simple.  If you resell my work as your work, I -will- probably hunt you down!

Have a great day!

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