Using my fonts on your pics on an iPhone (PC Directions)

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? Love taking pics? Love Instagram?

*Note: I’ve been told these directions work the same on an Android phone using the Android version of Phonto. 🙂  Yay!

Okay, listen up! I’ve got a quick and EASY way for you to use my fonts on your phone *without* jailbreaking your phone.

Jailbreaking is soooo 1997.

Step ONE:

Grab two apps from the app store on your phone- Dropbox and Phonto.  While you’re at it, go ahead and download and install dropbox on your computer.  You’ll need a login and it is super simple and worth it!  Just do it! 🙂

Step TWO:

On your computer (I’m using a PC running Windows 7, but this should be similar for all Windows computers) copy and paste the TTF (font) files into your Dropbox folder.  Don’t drop the zip folders- JUST the font files themselves.


Go to your phone and open your dropbox app.  You will now see something like this:

Click on the font you want to install.  You will get an error screen like this:

Click the bottom right corner icon of an arrow going into a tray.

It should give you options of where you want to use the font.  Click Open in Phonto.

Click Install.

Step FOUR:

Now you are ready to use the font!

Using the Phonto app, load up a picture (click the camera icon) or take a photo.  When you are ready to type on the picture, click anywhere on the picture and a text box will come up.

Click the word FONT.

At the bottom select “My Fonts” and you should see the fonts YOU have installed.  Select the one you want to use.

Type what you want.  Admire your pic.  And save! 🙂

Use the arrow coming OUT of a box to choose where you want to save/use the photo.

The End.

Pretty simple, right?  All done!

****NOTES:  Use smaller fonts- don’t try to install really detailed 600+KB fonts.  Simpler fonts are better on your phone!

Also, I can’t provide tech support.  This tutorial SHOULD work, but if it doesn’t, I really can’t help!  Sorry! 🙂