FREE Printable Poster or Phone Screensaver: Strong People Raise You Up

Free Poster or Phone Wallpaper: Weak People Tear You Down, Strong People Raise You Up

Download this at Dropbox >>here<<.

Terms of Use: This is free.  Use it freely for personal use- print it for yourself or your coworker or your friend or your boss.  Don’t sell it. Don’t claim it as your own.  Be kind in the way you use images online.

Fonts  Used:

KG Why You Gotta Be So Mean

KG Let Her Go Solid

KG Arrows

Add Fonts to Your iPad/iPhone for Word/Pages Keynote/Powerpoint Excel/Numbers and more!

How to Add Fonts to iPhone or iPad

I get asked on a daily basis about this and I was always under the understanding that Apple doesn’t allow for third party fonts to be installed directly into the iOS system.

This is still true, but there is now a way you can add fonts to your device– they won’t be system fonts used for things like Messaging and Facebook.  However, you CAN use them in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Keynote, Pages, and more! 🙂

It does require purchasing a $1.99 app >>here<<.  The AnyFont app (I’m NOT affiliated in any way, shape, or form with this app!) allows you to take your fonts, install them, and use them in the above listed programs.  They may work in other programs, but I’m honestly not 100% sure which ones.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the AnyFont app.

STEP ONE: Download the AnyFont app.

STEP TWO: Open up your Dropbox folder that contains the fonts you wish to use.  If you don’t already use Dropbox, see my Phonto tutorial which explains some of that.

STEP THREE: Tap on the file you wish to install.  I decided to just use my entire all KG Fonts download from here.  When you tap on the zip file in Dropbox, it will look like this- no preview available.

STEP FOUR:  Tap in the bottom left corner, the box with the arrow coming out the top.  This gives you options of where to open up the zip file.  Select “open in…”

STEP FIVE: After tapping “Open in…” you will get options.  Tap “Open in AnyFont.”

STEP SIX: AnyFont will unzip the folder and show you a list of the contents.  Mine looks like this.  Scroll through and select a font to install.

STEP SEVEN: Tap on the font you wish to install.  I opted for KG Second Chances Solid.  After tapping on it, you can opt to preview the font if you like before installing.  To install, just tap the icon in the center.

STEP EIGHT: On the warning page, click “install”.  Obviously, you install fonts at your own risk, blah blah blah.

STEP NINE: Open your program of choice.  My example shows the font in Pages.  In Pages, click the paintbrush before beginning to type (or after selecting text) and then select the desired font by clicking on the current font (11 pt Helvetica in this case) and selecting a new font from the list.  Close out of that and start typing!  It’s pretty simple!

If your font doesn’t show up, you might need to close and reopen the program.  It won’t work in every program, but I know Pages, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Keynote should work!



As always with my tutorials, I can’t provide support if these things don’t work for you!  But I hope this is helpful in some small way!

PhotoCard: A Tutorial



My brother got married last weekend. It was a beautiful day- 70’s and sunny- perfect for an outdoor wedding.

It was a perfectly timed weddding, too. Not just because it was on my mom’s birthday, but because I really wanted some great photos to use with a new app that I am excited about!

This app was created by Bill Atkinson, who was one of the original programmers working on MacPaint, QuickDraw, and other old school Mac programs. He invented the marching ants, y’all!  You know, the moving things when you’re making a selection in Photoshop?  Yeah, he invented those.


With Bill’s long history of programming expertise, it is no surprise that he’s managed to create a delightful, fun app!

The app is called PhotoCard and is available (FREE) for iOS devices now.  Get it here.

NOTE: You need to upgrade to iOS7 in order to get the most recent version of the app that includes my fonts.

The app works by combining several of my favorite loves- high quality photos, cute fonts (56 Kimberly Geswein fonts included in the app!), and real mail!

You use YOUR photos and MY fonts to create unique, personalized postcards.  You can opt to send the postcards digitally (free) or through USPS mail.   If you opt for USPS mail (which I highly recommend), the postcard is printed at insanely high quality at 8.25*5.5, laminated (both front and back are glossy and smooth!), and shipped for under $2.  Seriously.  If you buy 2 credits (enough to mail one card) your cost is $1.90.  If you buy larger quantities of credits, your cost decreases– you can send 100 cards for $1.50 each.

Sending cards to countries other than the US?  That costs 3 credits- or anywhere from $2.85 to $2.25 depending on the quantity of credits you purchased.

I took this photo to show you the size– the $1 bill is tiny in comparison to these photos– they are about the size of a standard sheet of letter sized paper folded in half.


I love vacations and I LOVE taking photos.  I am good about Instagramming and Facebooking.  But my grandma doesn’t use Instagram.  My dad prefers a real photo in his hands.  And as good as my intentions might be, I am far too lazy to actually put a stamp on a postcard and get something in the mail.

This makes it almost TOO easy to send a postcard!

Add the photo of your choice (or create a collage in your favorite collage app if you want!- I use PicStitch quite often).  I created the collage above using Picstitch and set the aspect to 5×7, which gives you really close to the right size to fit the PhotoCard app.  You can see that only the very edges of the picture are clipped if you use a 5×7 aspect.

 2013-09-18 15.41.15


*NOTE* You don’t have to do that step- you can just use a photo the way it is– I just wanted a collage for my purposes.

Add text over the photo if desired.  Add a greeting to the back, pick your favorite font for the greeting.

2013-09-18 15.35.15

2013-09-18 15.34.57

2013-09-18 15.34.49

If you click the large blue A in the right corner, you can easily slide to adjust spacing between lines.  This is an excellent well-thought-out feature and I really appreciate that it was included.

The app remembers your most recently used fonts, allows you to click the first letter in the font name on the right side for easy picking, and has a sliding bar for font size.  It is VERY user friendly.

When you are finished, pick a stamp and address the card.  I have all of my family members’ addresses in my phone, so this is super simple.

2013-09-18 15.35.53

I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers spread across 4 states (Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, and Texas) and I live in Florida.   PhotoCard is going to help bridge the gap between our families.  My siblings and I use Facebook, but an actual postcard in the mail will help my kids and their cousins (13 of them spanning from age 3 to 13) stay connected.

And before my brother returns from his Hawaii honeymoon, he will have this postcard waiting at his home in Arizona.


The app is free and the only cost to you is mailing the postcard- the fee for printing/mailing/handling is between $1.50 and $1.90 a postcard depending on how many credits you buy at one time.  It’s a ridiculously low price for the quality of prints!

Using my fonts on your pics on an iPhone (PC Directions)

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? Love taking pics? Love Instagram?

*Note: I’ve been told these directions work the same on an Android phone using the Android version of Phonto. 🙂  Yay!

Okay, listen up! I’ve got a quick and EASY way for you to use my fonts on your phone *without* jailbreaking your phone.

Jailbreaking is soooo 1997.

Step ONE:

Grab two apps from the app store on your phone- Dropbox and Phonto.  While you’re at it, go ahead and download and install dropbox on your computer.  You’ll need a login and it is super simple and worth it!  Just do it! 🙂

Step TWO:

On your computer (I’m using a PC running Windows 7, but this should be similar for all Windows computers) copy and paste the TTF (font) files into your Dropbox folder.  Don’t drop the zip folders- JUST the font files themselves.


Go to your phone and open your dropbox app.  You will now see something like this:

Click on the font you want to install.  You will get an error screen like this:

Click the bottom right corner icon of an arrow going into a tray.

It should give you options of where you want to use the font.  Click Open in Phonto.

Click Install.

Step FOUR:

Now you are ready to use the font!

Using the Phonto app, load up a picture (click the camera icon) or take a photo.  When you are ready to type on the picture, click anywhere on the picture and a text box will come up.

Click the word FONT.

At the bottom select “My Fonts” and you should see the fonts YOU have installed.  Select the one you want to use.

Type what you want.  Admire your pic.  And save! 🙂

Use the arrow coming OUT of a box to choose where you want to save/use the photo.

The End.

Pretty simple, right?  All done!

****NOTES:  Use smaller fonts- don’t try to install really detailed 600+KB fonts.  Simpler fonts are better on your phone!

Also, I can’t provide tech support.  This tutorial SHOULD work, but if it doesn’t, I really can’t help!  Sorry! 🙂